Ever wonder how the pros know if the market will go up or down & how strong the trend is?

The most unique indicator of it’s kind and yet so simple.

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Traders and investors are constantly on the lookout for trading opportunities. With the use of predictive modeling, DOP Key Turns predicts with high accuracy the direction of the market each and every day.

With such high accuracy over years of trading, you'll wonder why anyone would trade without it...

  • Get a direction for the day at the open

  • Easy to understand and implement

  • Direction is clearly marked by red and green candles (or any chart style of choosing) 


DOP Key Turns (Directional Opportunity Predictor)  is the only tool of it's kind giving you a direction before the trading day starts!


A computer that plays chess will sometimes generate 5, 10, and even 20 moves into the future. The same can be done by using predictive analytics with the market.


Traditional methods for determining trend and prices for "key turns" in the market have proven unreliable.


This is evident by the sheer volume of traders who fail using these tools. Such methods include pivot points, value areas made famous by ©Market Profile, and many other traditional methods.


These methods are not only over used, but portray an inaccurate view of the market reality, thereby giving traders a false sense of anticipated market direction & movement.


Most traders' predictions fail because they don't understand where market control truly happens. Traders using DOP Key Turns get a unique edge over other market participants by using advanced methods to forecast anticipated direction and strength.


To further enhance it’s accuracy and to eliminate even the slightest possibility for false positives, a companion indicator called KeyTurns is included that can be used on any chart. The KeyTurns price level reveals the “tipping point” where DOP will turn from up to down or from down to up.

  • Cross Market Compatibility

    DOP Key Turns are currently available for any market you can put on a chart.

  • High Reliability

    Originally created for large fund managers, DOP Key Turns have proven to be extremely reliable in virtually any market condition, regardless of the economic climate

  • Accurate Entries and Exit

    DOP Key Turns possess the potential to provide traders with perhaps the most accurate entries and exits. Key Turns are so accurate you will often see price go to the tick of any given Key Turns number

What Our Customers Say

I need to thank you for the most amazing thing I have been involved in. When the market went nuts the first part of August using Prediction Points I was able to pull 84.5 points in one session and could not believe it! I have pulled 20 plus points in other sessions. I cannot imagine trading without Prediction Points on my charts. I can’t thank you enough for a life changing experience. Thank you!

– Andy R.


This type of edge gives fund managers and traders leverage in the marketplace by allowing for real-time decisions with confidence. I would rather have someone pick up my order 2 points in the money than picking up someone else’s order a few points out of the money. With Prediction Points, this is possible. Most firms charge $100,000+ for data services like this. Your price and level of market trading edge that is delivered is unparalleled. I use Prediction Points and highly recommend it to other traders.

– Trent C.

Financial Analyst/Trader, Goldman Sachs

Gotta tell you I didn’t believe it the first time I heard about Prediction Points. I’ve been using them for about a year now and can’t imagine trading without them. I’d have to tell any trader out there they’ve gotta use them. They’re selling themselves short if they don’t (no pun intended). And for what you charge for them, it’s a no brainer. I’d pay 10 times the amount! This is my main stream of income now. Would never be possible without them.

– Ty A.


DOP Key Turns is currently available on NinjaTrader 8

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